There is more to eating in lovely Italian restaurants Mississauga than just having a good night. In truth, Italian cuisines are just as lovely and delicious as their price. Although they can be very expensive, their health benefits and satisfaction are totally worth the money.

Planning to dine in famous Italian restaurants within the city? Here are the top 7 recipes that you should dare miss.


Sounds complicated but one of the simplest Italian dishes you are going to love for the rest of your life. The Italian bruschetti basically includes a toasted Italian sandwich with tomato and basil, with pesto sauce. Bruschetti is a very good appetizer and can be served before meal, since it doesn’t take too long to prepare. Compared to other Italian dishes, this is also the most delicious but cheaper food.


If you are in for a light meal, then you should Panini, with a blended coffee or fresh fruit juice. Italians are experts in sandwiches and you are not going to regret its very appetizing savor with lettuce, tomato, and ham. For the ham, you can choose whether you want something that is made from turkey or you can shift direction to a prosciutto crudo.

Panna Cotta

Planning for dessert? You should try Italian’s best and most tasty dessert ever made – the panna cotta. In English, it means baked cream with cherries on top. But don’t be too judgmental about how it looks and sounds. Taste it and you are going to affirm its scrumptious appeal.


Do you want something modern? Well, you should try Tramezzino – a new delish Italian recipe in popular restaurants that lets you choose whatever you want to stuff in it. These are sandwiches that are cut in triangular shape and are stuffed with vegetable, ham, and other delish ingredients that you like.


Speaking of the queen coffee and biscuit cake, you should not forget the first Italian favorite when it comes to dessert – tiramisu. Made of a special cheese cream called mascarpone, you will not regret how delectable it is once you taste it. It is a very good choice, especially after a heavy meal or if you want to have something to match with your milkshake.


Although pizza is a very common snack, nothing beats a pizza made from an original Italian restaurant. Whether you want a mushroom pizza, pepperoni, or bell pepper – Italian pizza is the best meal you can share with the group. Italian pizzas are so good because of the simple yet well known ingredients that are mixed together and a high-quality made crust.


You wouldn’t dare crash out lasagna on your list of most delish foods you can have in Italian restaurants Mississauga. Lasagna is a perfect blend of past and meat, together with lip smacking béchamel sauce. It’ tastes so rich and very creamy but not too fatty – definitely a good option and at the same time a more affordable option than the rest of the menus.