Having private parties is such a fun but can also be challenging. Well, if you really want a party that worth all your money and will make visitors, you should also make their time worth by preparing great food.

Fortunately, there is a better way to prepare great food without having to do a lot of things. With Italian catering in the city, you can sit and just watch people come and go. Of course, you can also enjoy affordable options and choose from a wide variety of food options.

Perks of Italian Food

Italian cuisines have been known for their extremely palatable and delicious options. But aside from that, Italian food is a really good choice for private parties, because of their several health benefits.

1).  Most Italian recipes are rich in tomatoes which make them very healthy for the heart. Green leafy salads are also good for the immune system, thereby giving individuals strong resistance against viral infections.
2). Italian cuisines use olive oil, which a high quality oil with healthy fats. Unlike ordinary cooking oil, it’s very tasty and very healthy for the heart. It also doesn’t add up to cholesterol buildup in the body.
3) Italian recipes are usually stewed or fried with garlic making it really good to the senses. Since most of them are cooked of garlic, they are also considered as natural antibiotics. Foods such as sautéed greens, salad dressings and spaghetti sauce are known to be really pro-biotic.
4). Whole grains are rich in complex carbohydrates which is healthy for the heart and also good for the body’s immune system. It aids faster digestion for a healthy tummy and also increase the body’s metabolism.
5). Italian cuisines basically include sea foods that are rich in protein, providing the body with proper nutrients it needs to fully function well. You will also need protein to build up strong resistance against bad diseases.

Best Italian Party Food

If you are planning to host a party, then you should also know the hot food picks for a party. If you are hosting a birthday party for kids, pizza should never be gone on your table. In addition to sodas and sweets, you should also have sandwiches, bread sticks, and Italian cookies.

Night house parties may need extra sodas and Italian root beer. A bunch of Italian pizza with mozzarella cheese and peperoni sprinkles, margarita, and cocktail for the ladies. Don’t forget to include cheese sticks, pastrami football sandwiches, nachos, witches fingers and spicy sauce.

For formal parties, you may need a full blown Italian catering or buffet style. Since formal occasions like wedding, debut, or anniversaries require more food than usual and also have more visitors, you need to have a fluent supply of food. Scallops, beef stews and Oven Baked Muffalata Sandwiches would be great options. For desserts you can choose between fresh cream lemon cake, Tiramisù finger food, or Tiramisu Pudding Shots. Of course don’t forget the best-tasting lasagna or spaghetti – definitely will make your night one of a kind.